Class Specifications - F.35
Administrative Specialist - 7646

August 1, 1993

Series Description

This class is intended for positions which are assigned administrative
responsibilities within a department, board of study, school or college.
Incumbents perform and/or supervise a wide variety of duties which may
include program administration, organizational analysis, special
assignments, budgets, contracts, facilities, systems, and personnel.
Incumbents typically perform work that requires interpretation of policy;
participates in short- and long-range planning and policy or program
development; and provide recommendations based on significant knowledge of
the organization's professional objectives and activities.

A&PS Benchmark Description

The benchmark class is Administrative Specialist. Incumbents typically
perform a variety of professional and administrative duties in support of
the day-to-day operations of a function, program, and/or department; assist
in program planning and development; interpret, monitor and analyze
information regarding operating policies and procedures; administer budgets;
and coordinate academic and/or staff personnel matters. Incumbents resolve
problems which have a significant impact on the overall goals of the

Journey or Fully Operational Class: The fully operational class is Administrative Specialist

Certification or Licensure Requirements: None