Class Specifications - B.15
Supervising Legal Secretary - 4998
Senior Legal Secretary - 4999
Legal Secretary - 5000

January, 1982

Series Concept

Under supervision, Legal Secretaries type legal documents including correspondence, pleadings, opinions, memoranda, briefs, motions and depositions; prepare correspondence in responding to the courts, attorneys, public and private agencies and the public as assigned; review outgoing correspondence to ensure that all legaldocuments and enclosures are in order; screen incoming correspondence and telephone calls and as assigned, maintain a calendar to ensure proper notification of attorneys concerning deadlines and related functions. Incumbents are assigned responsibility for the correct styling of legal citations includingproper grammar, spelling and punctuation, and putting materials in proper legal form.

The series consists of three levels. Supervising Legal Secretary is the lead/ working supervisory level. Senior Legal Secretary is the advanced operational level. Legal Secretary is the operational level.

Class Concepts

Supervising Legal Secretary

Under direction, incumbents plan and coordinate the work of five or more Senior Legal Secretaries and/or Legal Secretaries in a legal office within the University. Incumbents typically control quality standards; establish and monitor requirements for document preparation; monitor procedures and production; develop and implement new methods and applications using new technologies; evaluate and recommend the purchase of new equipment after investigating cost-benefit factors; develop training programs and procedure manuals for systems and procedures; and direct the work of the secretarial staff of a legal office to ensure consistency and quality of the support function.

Senior Legal Secretary

Under general supervision, incumbents perform work which is more difficult than that assigned at the Legal Secretary level. Incumbents perform duties with a greater degree of independence and more thorough knowledge of relevant subject matter than is typically the case at the operational Legal Secretary level. Incumbents, in addition, perform the range of duties described in the Series Concept.

Legal Secretary

Under supervision, incumbents perform operational level duties as described in the Series Concept.

Minimum Qualifications

Applicants for positions included in the Legal Secretary series are expected to possess the skills, knowledges, and abilities essential to the successful performance of the duties assigned to the position.

Note: Specific qualification requirements are approved for positions bythe Personnel Manager in accordance with the provisions of Staff Personnel Policies 210.8 and 210.9.