Class Specifications - B.15
Communications Attendant Supervisor - 4512
Communications Attendant - 4513

October, 1975

Series Concept

Communications Attendants supervise or perform a variety of tasks requiring the operation of console or switchboard telephone equipment; and perform other related duties as required. Incumbents typically process incoming calls and provide information to callers relating to telephone numbers, extensions, names and locations of individuals or organizations, or data of a similar nature. Work of a clerical nature such .as maintaining records, typing, providing callback service, or taking messages may be performed as an incidental duty. Positions which involve operation of console or switchboard telephone equipment as an incidental duty are excluded from the Communications Attendant series. Also excluded are positions which involve furnishing information to visitors and telephone callers alike and which do not involve operation of a console or switchboard telephone equipment. The term console as used in these specifications excludes the limited capacity cordless equipment used in interoffice operations. The Communications Attendant series reflects levels of difficulty such as the supervisory and operating responsibilities involved.

Class Concept

Communications Attendant Supervisor

Under general supervision, incumbents supervise a group of Communications Attendants and evaluate their performance; provide training to new employees in the use of Centrex consoles and related equipment; assist Communications Attendants in the handling of dizficult and emergency calls; handle customer complaints and problems relating to traffic operations or the directing of calls; compile and/or edit various records and directories pertaining to names, addresses, departments, and other miscellaneous information; order directories and maintain distribution lists; submit periodic reports to their supervisor on the performance of the campus system; operate consoles when required; may prepare schedules of work for subordinates on the basis of traffic load; and may occasionally perform clerical duties.

Communications Attendant

Under supervision, incumbents operate a console or switchboard telephone equipment; provide telephone information and directory assistance including but not limited to telephone numbers, extensions, and locations of individuals and organizations derived from rotary files and telephone directories; process incoming calls; maintain accurate records of calls, compute charges and prepare billings; assist supervisors in special projects involving traffic studies, sorting, typing and filing; observe equipment operation and report trouble experienced in connecting calls; and may operate a paging system or other communications equipment.

Minimum Qualifications

Communications Attendant Supervisor

A pleasing voice and good hearing; the ability to read, write, follow oral and written instructions, think and act quickly in emergencies; three years of experience in the operation of a telephone switchboard; and knowledges