ARAG Legal Insurance gives you access to basic, personal legal help. The plan provides online, over-the-phone or in-person access and covers specific legal services. These services are provided through ARAG at an annual cost much less than the average attorney rate for an hour in California.

The legal insurance plan helps mainly with routine preventive or defensive matters and should cover most legal needs. More information about Legal Insurance is available here.

ARAG Legal Insurance is open for enrollment this year.

Plan Changes for 2019

Trust services will be a standalone, paid-in-full benefit, separated from general in-office services, which will be reduced from eight to four hours.

Divorce coverage will be capped at 25 hours to improve access to network attorneys.

Plan costs

Premiums are not increasing for 2019.

Monthly Cost
Self $10.87
Self plus adult $14.95
Self plus child(ren) $14.95
Self plus adult plus child(ren) $16.31