UC provides a choice of two dental plans for you and your eligible family members. Both plans provide coverage for a wide range of services from routine preventive care and fillings to oral surgery, dentures, bridges and braces.

The dental plans are open for enrollment for employees and retirees.

Plan changes for 2021

Delta Dental PPO

  • Coverage for exams (routine, non-routine or a combination of both) reduced from 4 exams per year to 2 exams per year. 
  • The replacement of crowns and/or prosthodontics is covered once every 7 years, rather than every 5 years. 

Delta Dental HMO

  • The copay for crown fusion will increase from $50 to $150

Delta Dental PPO

This plan provides the flexibility to choose any licensed dentist or specialist. The plan pays enhanced benefits when you visit a PPO network dentist; you pay only 20% of the PPO dentist’s contracted fee after your deductible for such services as fillings, oral surgery, root canals and treatment of gum disease. Or if you choose a Delta dentist outside the PPO network, such as a dentist in Delta Dental’s Premier network, you will be eligible for benefits as outlined in the Dental Plan Summary Plan Description.

Diagnostic and preventive services are covered 100 percent with no deductible.

If you choose to visit a non-PPO Delta Dental Premier dentist, you’ll still enjoy user-friendly claims administration, cost protections and other Delta Dental advantages, plus have access to more than 55,000 dentists in the state.

DeltaCare® USA

(Dental HMO; California residents only)

This plan provides comprehensive benefits and easy referrals to specialists. You must be a resident of California to enroll. The plan emphasizes preventive care, so many services are provided at no cost. Other services are provided at modest copayments to you and there are no deductibles making this plan a very affordable option to members. There is no annual plan maximum for DeltaCare® USA.

When you enroll, you can select a network dentist to provide all of your basic dental service or the plan will assign you a dentist near your home. The DeltaCare USA network consists of private practice dental facilities that have been screened by Delta Dental for quality. You are required to obtain covered services through your assigned network dentist, except for emergency services or those preauthorized in writing by Delta Dental. You can change your dentist at any time by calling the DeltaCare Customer Service number and requesting the change.

Some areas of California have more DeltaCare HMO network providers than others. Be sure there are dentists available in your area before enrolling in this plan.

Plan Costs

UC pays the full cost of dental insurance for employees and for retirees eligible for 100% contribution. Retirees subject to graduated eligibility pay a portion of the monthly premium.