Medical Plans


UC employees and retirees continue to have a broad choice of plan designs and providers — including UC medical center doctors, hospitals and medical groups — to fit their needs. UC continues to cover most of the cost of the premiums.

You'll find more information about your options on each plan's page. Check out Which medical plan is right for you to compare costs and benefits. 

2020 Changes

There are a few significant changes this year, including the termination of Western Health Advantage and changes to the prescription drug formulary for UC’s non-Medicare PPO plans.

Termination of Western Health Advantage (WHA)

As of Jan. 1, 2020, UC Davis Health will no longer provide primary care services through WHA for UC employees, retirees and their dependents. Making sure members have access to a UC medical center if they choose is a priority for UC. Without UC Davis Health in the WHA network, UC’s WHA members would lose their access to a UC medical center and the vast majority would need to change providers.

WHA members will have the opportunity to choose a new medical plan during Open Enrollment. WHA members who do not choose another plan during Open Enrollment will be automatically enrolled in UC Blue & Gold HMO.

The UC Blue & Gold network is almost identical to the network of providers available through WHA, and the network of behavioral health providers available to members of UC Blue & Gold (through MHN, Health Net’s behavioral health care subsidiary) overlaps considerably with Optum’s. Contact MHN at 800-663-9355 or visit the UC Blue & Gold website at to determine whether your provider is available through MHN’s network. If not, transition assistance may be available.

Changes to prescription drug formulary for UC’s non-Medicare PPO plans

To help keep prescription drug costs and premiums affordable, CORE, UC Care and UC Health Savings Plan will transition from the current Anthem National Drug list to the Anthem Essential Drug list. The Essential drug list focuses on less costly medications with the same effectiveness as more expensive – and often brand name – medications.

The majority of members currently taking medications will not notice differences as a result of this change. Some members will have either a higher or lower copay if they are on a medication that moves to a different tier. To minimize the impact on members, any current medications not on the new drug list will be grandfathered (in current form and dosage), meaning members can continue taking them without disruption for the duration that they use that specific medication and dosage.

ID Cards

Members of UC Blue & Gold HMO will receive new ID cards from Health Net. Members of all other UC health plans will only receive new ID cards if they are new to the plan. 

New HSA debit cards will be issued by HealthEquity to all new members of the UC HSP and current members whose debit cards are expiring this year. HSA debit cards are good for three years from the issue date.

WageWorks will issue Health FSA debit cards to new members and members with expired cards.

Medical plans

Some plans have additional changes specific to the plan. Visit your medical plan's page for the details (ver en español):