Open Enrollment 2021

If you or a family member are enrolling in Medicare sometime next year, think carefully about the medical plan you choose during Open Enrollment. Your non-Medicare plan will determine which partner Medicare plan you will be transferred into when you turn 65. Consider whether the Medicare version of your medical plan offers the benefits you want. Unless you are enrolled in the UC Health Savings Plan, UC does not allow you to change plans mid-year.

UC has a special Medicare Coordinator Program for Medicare-eligible retirees and their Medicare-eligible dependents who live outside California. 

For California retirees, below are non-Medicare plans and the corresponding partner Medicare plans. 

If enrolled in You'll transfer to this Medicare plan (when/if eligible)
CORE/UC Care UC Medicare PPO
Kaiser HMO Kaiser Senior Advantage
UC Blue & Gold HMO UC Medicare Choice
UC Health Savings Plan Period of Initial Eligibility (PIE) to enroll in UC-sponsored Medicare plans in your service area

Please note: Once you are enrolled in Medicare, you'll need to finalize your enrollment in your UC Medicare plan by completing a life event submission in UCRAYS or submitting the appropriate Medicare assignment form to the UC Retirement Administration Service Center.