Ever have a coworker who you’re almost certain leads an intriguing double life? Enter Dawn O’Connor Rowe. In her unique position as marketing and outreach director of the UC Davis Mouse Biology Program, she travels around the world with a suitcase full of foam mice. These “mutant mouse models” are essential for demonstrating UC Davis’ groundbreaking research to scientists around the globe.

Meet Dawn

Name: Dawn O'Connor Rowe

Title: Marketing and Outreach Director

Department/Unit: Mouse Biology Program

Location: UC Davis

When I started working at UC: This is my second time working at UC. The first time I started was 1984, while in college; 2011 was the second time. 

What I do for UC in 10 words or less: Educate investigators around the globe about mouse genomics

Why I love working at UC: Learning about the amazing research related to improving human and animal health 

Something people don't know about me: I hold two passports and speak three languages.

One person (living or dead) who I’d love to have dinner with: Bill Gates. I find his life trajectory interesting — from college dropout (disappointing family) to business magnate (hated by many) to philanthropist (sought by many) to humanist (modeled by many). To make so many personal and professional turns in one’s life seems quite a study in human nature. 

The best career advice I've ever received: Believe and invest in yourself first and the doors of opportunity to help others will open wide. 


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