After years of wage freezes, furloughs and uncertainty about salary increases, UC policy-covered (non-represented) staff can look forward to a regular salary program for the next few years, beginning with the 2015–16 fiscal year, President Napolitano has announced.

As a result of the multi-year funding agreement recently reached between UC and Gov. Jerry Brown, the university can plan with more certainty for annual pay increases for non-represented staff over the next several years. The predictability of the budget also allows UC to make merit-based pay a more regular component of systemwide salary programs to help recognize the contributions of deserving employees.

In a recent letter to UC chancellors, the president authorized campuses to move forward with a salary increase for faculty and non-represented staff for the 2015–16 year. Chancellors have a 3 percent budget to use for the pay increases, and this year may, at their discretion, use it for merit-based or across-the-board increases or a combination of the two. Chancellors also have flexibility regarding the effective date of raises.

The salary program applies to non-represented staff in career or partial-year career appointments; it excludes student employees and anyone covered by Academic Personnel policies. Wages for union-represented employees are governed by labor contracts and are not affected by this program.

Each location will announce the details of the local program, including the effective date and program parameters. Watch for details about the salary program at your location.