May 16, 2023: UC updating COVID-19 vaccination policy to systemwide opt-out program

Dec. 8, 2022: An updated policy on Vaccination Program with Interim Amendments is currently being reviewed through the University's policy review process. If you have comments after reading the proposed updated policy, please email vaccinepolicycomments@ucop.eduThe information on this page will be updated as soon as the updates to the policy are finalized.

The purpose of the University's SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) Vaccination Program policy is to facilitate protection of the health and safety of the University community, including its patients as well as its Students, Trainees, Personnel and all others who work, live, and/or learn in any of the University’s locations or otherwise participate in person in University Programs.

Read the full policy (pending updates in progress) on the UC Office of the President Policy website.