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AFSCME’s contract protects against excessive outsourcing

UC understands AFSCME’s concerns about outsourcing. That’s why the expired agreement — which UC is prepared to renew — places important restrictions on when the university can contract outside for services and protects employees. These provisions include:

  • "The University of California will not contract out services solely on the basis that savings will result from lower contractor pay rates and benefits for services customarily performed by bargaining unit employees or that result in the layoff of bargaining unit employees."
  • “When a bargaining unit employee who is notified of layoff or released because the university entered into a contract for services that s/he performed, the university will make available another bargaining unit position for which the employee is qualified. … The available position shall be offered at the same base rate of pay earned by the employee when s/he was laid off or released.”

See the service unit contract and patient care technical unit contract.

UC also requires contractors to pay $15 per hour, minimum

In 2015 the university implemented the “UC Fair Wage/Fair Work Plan,” requiring contractors to guarantee a $15 minimum hourly wage for their workers, with limited exceptions. This plan also includes measures to ensure contractors comply with the new minimum wage, as well as all federal, state, and UC workplace law and policies, and provides a telephone hotline for contract workers to report issues.

UC is the first public university in the nation to establish a $15 per hour minimum wage for part-time employees (20 hours) and for contracted services. Learn more about the UC Fair Wage/Fair Work Plan.

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