You are eligible for UCRP membership if you are:

  • Hired to work at UC continuously for at least 50% time for one year or longer
  • Appointed for less than 50% time or for less than one year and accumulate 1,000 hours on pay status during 12 consecutive months.

UCRP membership continues despite changes in your appointment rate or time worked, as long as employment is continuous.

Your membership in the 1976 or 2013 Tier depends on the date you become a member.

  • 1976 Tier — You became a member before July 1, 2013 and your employment is continuous.
  • 2013 Tier — You became a member on or after July 1, 2013, or returned to UC after a break in your employment, as specified under the plan.

Membership guarantees that once you are vested — that is, have five or more years of UCRP service credit — you are entitled to future retirement benefits from the Plan. Plan membership is automatic and mandatory for eligible employees.

You are not eligible for UCRP membership if you are:

  • An active member of another UC-sponsored retirement system—for example, the California Public Employees' Retirement System (CalPERS);
  • At the University primarily to obtain education or training;
  • Receiving pay under a special compensation plan but have no covered compensation;
  • Appointed in a per diem classification which is specifically exempt from UCRP membership;
  • Appointed as a Regents' Professor or Regents' Lecturer;
  • A visiting appointee hired August 1, 1989, or later; or
  • Appointed as a floater.